Refurbished Lathe from 1964 in action

This is a 1964 Lathe (according to the motor’s serial number) made in Yugoslavia. My father bought this lathe few months ago and back then it wasn’t in a good condition, it wasn’t even functional. He fully refurbished it, deep cleaned the parts, the gears, the rack, changed some shafts and pulleys, painted it etc.

Now this refurbished lathe is in working condition. Also it is able to do thread cutting. Watch the video below to see the lathe in action. Also below the video you can find pictures of the lathe before and after the refurbishment.

Pictures Before Refurbishment





Pictures After Refurbishment

After_13 After_12 After_11 After_10 After_09 After_08 After_07 After_06 After_05 After_03 After_02 After_01


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