Arduino Projects with DIY Step by Step Tutorials

Welcome to my collection of Arduino Projects. Even if you are just getting started with Arduino, you don’t have to worry about that. Each of the following DIY Arduino projects is covered with detailed step by step tutorial on how to do it yourself and includes circuit schematics, source codes and videos.

This collection of Arduino Projects features:

  • Wireless control
  • Automation
  • Motors control
  • Robotics
  • LEDs
  • and more.

Along with my DIY Arduino projects here you can also find project ideas backed up by my detailed Arduino tutorials for various sensors and modules. Using the comments section below, you can also suggest your ideas, as well as discuss anything related to these Arduino projects.

I will continuously update this article with all new stuff that I make.

Arduino Projects with detailed step by step guide

Arduino Radar (Sonar)

This is one of my most popular projects and it’s really fun to build. The radar can detect objects in front of it and map them on PC screen using the Processing IDE.

Arduino Radar Project

For this project you just need two components along with an Arduino board, and that’s an ultrasonic sensor and small servo motor. The range of the radar can be adjusted to up to 4 meters with 180 degrees rotation.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Arduino Color Sorter

Sorting out objects or products by their color has an important real world application. These types of machines are often used for sorting fruits, seeds, plastics etc. The working concept of these machines is rather simple. All you need is a color detecting sensor and of course a system that feeds the object to the sensor and then sort it out.

Arduino Color Sorter Project - Color Sorting Machine

In this project we will learn how to use a color detecting sensor along with the Arduino. We are going to be sorting out colored skittles but you can use the same sensor and method for sorting out anything else.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Arduino Robot Car

The combination of DC motors and Arduino is always fun, and so is this project. Here we will build our own robot car from scratch. The car will be powered with Li-ion batteries and two 12V DC motors, and controlled using the L298N driver and an analog Joystick.

Arduino Robot Car Project

Through this project we will also learn how H-Bridge and PWM motor control work.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Arduino Robot Car Wireless Control

This Arduino project is an extension to the previous one, and here we will learn how to wirelessly control the Arduino robot car.

Arduino Robot Car Wireless Control using HC-05 Bluetooth, NRF24L01 and HC-12 Transceiver Modules

You can choose one of the three different methods of wireless control explained in this project, or that’s the HC-05 Blueooth module, the NRF24L01 transceiver module and the HC-12 long range wireless module. Additionally you can learn how to make your own Android app for controlling the Arduino robot car.

Difficulty: Advanced

RFID Access Control System

RFID technology has wide range of applications and access control is one of them. We often encounter this in hotels for accessing our room or at work for checking in or accessing restricted areas.

Arduino RFID Door Lock Access Control Project

In this project we will learn how to use the Arduino to make an RFID controlled door lock. The system consists of an MFRC522 RFID reader and RFID tags/ cards that are based on the MIFARE protocol.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Arduino Game Project

This game project is based on the popular Flappy Bird game for smartphones. Using the touch screen we control the bird while trying to avoid the pillars.

For this project we need a 3.2 inches TFT Touch screen, an TFT Mega shield adapter and an Arduino Mega board. The code is a bit longer but everything is explained in details.

Difficulty: Advanced

Arduino LED Matrix Scrolling Text

In this project we will control LED Matrices using the MAX7219 driver. This driver can control up to 64 individual LEDs while using only three wires. Also we can connect up to 8 drivers in series and still using the same wires.

Android App for Controlling 8x8 LED Matrix via Bluetooth

To make this project more interesting I also added an example where you can update the text on the LED matrixes through your smartphone using a custom-made Android app.

Difficulty: Advanced

Arduino Alarm System

If you ever thought of making your own security system then this project is a great starting point. Here we will utilize an ultrasonic sensor for detecting movement.

Arduino Alarm System Project

If a human or object passes in front of the sensor, the alarm will be activated. For deactivating the alarm you will have to enter a password using a keypad.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Arduino Music Player and Alarm Clock with Touch Screen

In this project we will learn how to build our own music player. It features a touch screen, MP3 player, a temperature sensor and an alarm clock.

Arduino Touch Screen Music Player and Alarm Clock Project

The code behind this project is a bit more complex with around 550 lines but everything is explained in details with comments for each lines. There is also a detailed video explanation for it.

Difficulty: Advanced

DIY Vending Machine

If you are interested in building something more complex with Arduino then this project is the one for you. Although complex, you could easily recreate it as there is a detailed step by step explanation on how everything works, including circuit schematics and source codes.

DIY Vending Machine - Arduino based Mechatronics Project Featured

The structure of the machine is made out of MDF. For discharging the items I used continuous rotation servo motors, while for the carrier system I used two NEMA17 stepper motors. For detecting the coins the machine uses an infrared proximity sensor.

Difficulty: Advanced

Ideas for Arduino Projects

The following section of this article contains Arduino project ideas based on my detailed tutorials on various sensors and modules, as well as your suggestions from the comments section below.

For each project idea I will point out the required components as well as the particular tutorial for each of them.

Arduino Wireless Weather Station

This Arduino project idea is rather practical because it features indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity measurement. It is based on the DHT11/ DHT22 sensor, the NRF24L01 transceiver module for the wireless communication and the DS3231 RTC. For the display we can either use 16×2 character LCD or a 3.2 inches TFT touch screen.

Arduino Wireless Weather Station - Arduino Projects Ideas

The outdoor unit can be powered with batteries and the indoor unit with an AC adapter. The outdoor unit measures the temperature and the humidity and sends the values to the main indoor unit. Here these values are printed on the LCD along with the data and time values from the DS3231 real time clock module. Additionally, we can use SD Card module for storing the data onto Micro SD card.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Android Smartphone Controlled Power Outlet Using Arduino

Controlling your home power outlets via a smartphone is the first step in home automation. You can easily make your own Arduino controlled power outlets utilizing the knowledge you can get from my Arduino tutorials.

Android Smartphone Controlled Power Outlet - Arduino Projects Ideas


For this project you just need two components along with the Arduino board. An HC-05 Bluetooth module and a 5V Relay module for which I already have detailed tutorials. For powering the Arduino and the relay you can use 220/ 110V AC to 5V DC converter.

Using your smartphone you can connect and control your power outlet via Bluetooth. You can either use some already made apps for controlling Arduino from the Play Store or create your own custom made app. In this way we can also control the power outlets through voice control commands.

Difficulty: Advanced

Home Automation using Arduino

Home automation is one of the most popular Arduino projects nowadays. The goal of this project is to remotely control anything in your house like lights, appliances, temperature, security devices and so on, with a single device or your smartphone.

In order to make such a project we need decent amount of knowledge in Arduino. The following home automation concept that I suggest is based on my detailed Arduino tutorials for various sensors and modules.


So the idea here is to have a master unit which includes a touch display, and several slave units which will execute commands coming from the master. As for the wireless communication we can use the NRF24L01 radio frequency modules, and each slave unit can have various functions like, temperature monitoring, power outlet control, lights control, security alarm and so on.

Of course, there are endless possibilities and combinations for building a home automation system using the Arduino board. You can always change and add more devices. You can also make a Bluetooth communication so you can control all of this using your smartphone etc.

Difficulty: Advanced

Arduino Robot Arm

When it comes to automated manufacturing, robotic arms play big role with so many applications. They are often used for welding, assembling, packing, painting, pick and place tasks and much more.

Building an Arduino controlled robot arm can be both easy and difficult. It all depends on the control complexity and the results that we want to get. This project suggestion will keep things simple.

Robot Arm - Arduino Projects

You can make a 5 DOF robot arm with just 5 servo motors and an Arduino board. As for the control you can use simple potentiometers for each motor, or pre-program the movements of the arm. On the other hand, for the construction, the simplest solution is to use a card board. Of course, you can make the construction much better if you are using sheet metal.

Note that you should use separate power supply for the motors. The Arduino will only send the PWM signal to the motors.

Difficulty: Advanced

Arduino Gesture Control

The idea for this project is to remotely control an Arduino project using hand gestures. Let’s say we want to control the Arduino Robot Car that we mentioned above. So instead of the joystick we will use an MEMS module for the control.

Arduino Gesture Control Arduino Project

We can use the GY-80 module which features an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer. The data we get from these sensors can be used for controlling the steering of the robot car. As for the wireless communication we can use the NRF24L01 transceiver modules.

You can also check my Mechatronics Final Year Project where I used a similar method for controlling a 3D model in Matab Simulink.

Difficulty: Advanced

Feel free to ask any question in the comments section below and don’t forget to suggest some more Arduino projects.

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  1. Shrikant A Gaikwad

    Hi, Shrikant here ,i was working on a project ,i got a problem in my project, the problem is,i am trying to operate big motors using relays ,contactor relay,operated by arduino. The relays does not operate properly ,the loop does not get completed .The relays are not taking load contactor ,i think so. It completed the loop 3 times only. Do you have any suggestion or hint please reply me.

  2. matel

    i am a student working on my final year project which is to design an automated car jack,will use a hydraulic jack for lifting an automobile and i want to use my android phone to act as the remote control,meaning lift of the automobile will simply be done by just pressing the button in app which will be installed on my phone,kindly asking for some ideas on how i can achieve this and the necessary software/app i can use on my phone?

    • Dejan Nedelkovski

      That’s a cool project idea. The main concern if you would like to build a real life example with lifting a car would probably be the lifting mechanism. Otherwise, if you just want to make the concept working with a simpler mechanism, the software/app part of this project would be easily achievable. For that purpose you can check my detailed tutorials, how to use the Arduino with the HC-05 Bluetooth module and how to make your own Android app for controlling the Arduino.


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